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White yellow colour apple & pergamonte flavour, full mouthfeel with crispy acidity. 


White yellow colour, jasmine & citrus flavour with herbal and mineral notes.

Milia White

Lychees fruit, light vanilla and basil flavours. Full mouthfeel with crispy acidity.

Cabernet Savignon

Wine with deep red colour, small red fruit, herbs, pepper, black chocolate and smoke flavours.

Milia Red

 Deep red colour, red fruit, vanilla and butterscotch flavour. Full moutfeel with round tannins.

Black of Kalavryta

Vivid ruby colour, cherry, stawberry and leather flavours. Gentle with integrated tannins.


 Deep red colour with violete, cherry and prune aromas. Velvety and rich in mouth.

The organic viticulture prohibits the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. With deep respect in nature and environment, we use only organic and natural traps for insects and also we use only sulphur for protection against fungus and goat and
chickens manure as a fertilizer.


In our viticulture sector we continue the big tradition of our region in production of quality wines for centuries and we are certified organic since 1998. From 2012 in E.U is a new legislation about organic wines.Until 2012 all European Union organic winemakers produced only wines from grapes of organic farming.


The last 3 vintages the organic wines produced with many prohibitions in wine additions comparing with the conventional wines. Even the sulphur dioxide content( which is the most common preservative in the wine) has significant lower limits in organic wines. Other preservatives as sorbic acid is prohibited for the organic wines. Also technological methods which increase or reduce alcohol level or acidity (common process in industrial wines)are prohibited in the organic vinification.


Organic wines have higher drinkability,are healthier as they do not content any residual pesticides or fungicides and also produced with bigger respect to the nature and the environment (they are more "green products"). Download our Organic Certification PDF

Red aromatic wine was produced

and matured at the

ultramodern winery.

Bassis Estate Organic
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