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Miliarakis Estate
Minos Palace Red
Medium Sweet Red

It has a purple colour, the aroma of dried fruit as raisin and prune and a light vanilla flavour.

Combining the fragrances of a young red wine and the moderate sweetness of a sweet wine.

Black of Kalavryta

 Deep red colour with violete, cherry and prune aromas. Velvety and rich in mouth.

Vivid ruby colour, cherry, stawberry and leather flavours. Gentle with integrated tannins.


 Deep red colour, red fruit, vanilla and butterscotch flavour. Full mouthfeel with round tannins.

Cabernet Savignon

Wine with deep red colour, small red fruit, herbs, pepper, black chocolate and smoke flavours.

The nose displays aromas of forest red fruits and a hint of vanilla, while the mouth appears rich and robust.

Kivelis Red
Anemos Red

Deep-coloured, purple wine with intense fruity and clean aroma and the flavours of cherries, strawberries.

Ammos Reserve
Palivou Estate Namea

Deep, dark and thick colour with intensely fruity nose with cherries, forest fruits and baked raisin.

Thick, dark coloured with aggressive tannins wine will fill new French oak barrels.

Deep ruby color concentrated aromas of plum, baked plum married with excellent aromas of wood.


Deep, impenetrable substance, ruby ​​color with dense tears in the glass. Overripe nose black fruit aromas.

Concentrated cherry symbols, cherry, plum and ripe fruit are contrasted with spices from aging.

Mature red fruits and prunes aroma, a full body with a discreet finish of vanilla.

Miliarakis Vineyards
Angel's Peak Red
Angel's Heart Red

Red with crimson reflections one of the most typical expressions of Goumenissa.

Goumenissa Red

Vivid red colour with violet-coloured reflections. sun-dried tomatoes also clove, cinnamon and black pepper.

Red with crimson reflections. combination of plums together with mature red fruits.

Bright red colour with violet coloured reflections. Aromatically, it is complex with notes of fruits.

Old Roots Xinomavro

Red fruits aromas, prunes, cinnamon and clove and a velvety aftertaste with a vanilla touch.

35o-25o Red
Domaine Nemea

Deep red in color, with hints of cherry, ripe red fruits, wood,

vanilla and spices.

Orino Red

Fresh-tasting wine mellow and full-bodied, with flavors of red fruit and hints of caramel. 


Deep purple color and the complex aromas of spices, smoke and wood, and with its rich, velvety texture.

Cherry colours, aromatic hints of sweet spices and plums. Well balanced vivid and fruity taste.


Red aromatic wine was produced and matured at the ultramodern winery.

Bassis Estate Organic

Dried prune, sweet spices & vanilla aromas; round balanced mouth


Hints of blackberries, plums and ripe small red fruits.

Guardians Red

Deep red color is enriched with the aromas of cherries, red fruits and spices.

Vin de Crete Red

It has an intense red colour, the aroma of plum, cinnamon and raisin, soft tannins and a rich body.

A red aged wine with composite flavours or red fruit and new oak barrel, Velvet body rich in tannins.

Music of the Spheres

This wine is produced from sun-dried grapes of the local Phociano variety and is aged for 24 months in French oak barrels. 


Deep coloured, dense and complex wine matching with rich plates, red meat, spicy and elaborated sauces. 

Pythagorean Tetractys

A charming dark-red wine

from the rare Avgoustiatis grape with a warm elegant aftertaste


Turtle Vineyard Red

A very fresh cranberry red color, mature small red fruits aromas together with a slight oak presence.

Intense Black colour with aromas of blackcurrants, sour cherry, chocolate & tobacco.


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