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Vilana Fume

 A unique characteristic identity, rich golden yellow wine with composite flavours and distinct taste.

A pleasantly aromatic and refreshing white wine from the local variety Vidiano.

Turtle Vineyard
Minos Palace
Vin de Crete

light yellow colour, the taste of fruits, a delicate and refreshing flavour and aromatic aftertastes.

Medium Sweet

The combination of the fruity Vilana character with the sweetness of the unfermented sugars.

Refreshing acidity, rich aromatic citrus fruit potential and exquisite lemony aftertaste.


Fruity background of citrus aromas charaterized by a cool elegant and light lemony aftertaste.​

Bananas and citrus aromas, a pleasant acidity and a smooth and long lasting after taste.

35o-25o White
Stone Hills

Fruity characters of Chardonnay with pineapples, bananas, apples and pears married uniquely.

White yellow colour apple & pergamonte flavour, full mouthfeel with crispy acidity. 


White yellow colour, jasmine & citrus flavour with herbal and mineral notes.


Lychees fruit, light vanilla and basil flavours. Full mouth feel with crispy acidity.

A fruity wine with aromas and flavour of fresh fruits: apples, bananas, pears, pineapple.

Anemos White
Miliarakis Vineyards

Young aromas of citrus fruits, the freshness of thetaste and a long lasting and cool aftertaste.

Ripe fruit combine harmonically with the vanilla and the caramel coming from the oak barrel.

Angel's Peak White
Roditis White

The first impression inside the mouth is sweet and warm.

Angel's Heart White

Aromas of white flowers and citrus and pleasant lively taste with harmoniously balanced acidity.

Delightful refreshing acidity and the long-lasting, satisfying aftertaste add to an entirely harmonious wine.

Roses, lemon-blossom and bergamot aromas which peak on the palate.

Domaine Mantinia
Orino White

Subtle fruitiness of green

apple, peach and

banana flavors.

Rich, delicate bubbles, bursting with the aromas of apricots and freshly baked brioche.


Aromas of jasmine and pear on background fragrant roses. Mouth with rich floral refreshing bubbles.

Moscato Trani

Rich aromas of tropical fruits and jasmine on a background of fragrant roses.

Dry white retsina wine from savatiano and roditis grape varieties

Bassis Retsina

Bright yellow colour and a well balanced taste, which renews and revives our all time favourite Retsina.

Retsina Gold

Rich, fine flow of bubbles; nose full of apricot and brioche aromas

Cair Brut

Aromas of jasmine and pear on background fragrant roses

BOheme White Sec

Flavourful, elegant, with citrus fruit and flower notes

Ode Panos

Aromatic intensity with evident varietal character

Fruity nose with ripe apple and citrus elements.

Terra Nera White

Pears & minerals that are combined with floral and yeasty notes. 

Bassis Sauvignon Blanc

A refined, fruity, varietal wine fermented under controlled temperature.

Intense aromas of apricot, nectarine, peach, mango, pear jam.

Pythagorean Epogdoon

Sweet wine from sun-dried grapes

An elegant Muscat, with fine floral notes and fragrant aromas

 Pythagorean Theorem

This is a dry version of the Samos Muscat with a full noble palate

Pythagorean Cup

A semi sweet wine with a charming yellow-green colour

Pythagorean Pentagram

A varietal  dry white wine: serve at 8 – 10 deg C

A golden yellow wine with apricot and peach fragrances combined with nuts and vanilla notes. 

aromas of roses and citrus fruits coupled with a refreshing acidity and dryness.

Guardians White

Aromas of dry herbs and flowers and a rich, slightly oily body, round with balanced acidity.

Scents of yellow coloured and citrus fruits, balanced taste and aromatic aftertaste.

 Epogdoon Barrel

This wine comes from sun-dried muscat grapes and is aged for 36 months in oak barrels

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